Tools The Competition is Using That You Need Right Now

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @
Posted On: January 14, 2016

There are new online business resources being produced every day. The truth is that utilizing tools in your business increases its value. No, not necessarily your financial value: your value to customers and clients. Utilizing article content writers is a great place to start, but what other tools are you using to boost the value of your business?


If you’re someone who likes to do things the old fashioned way or who is stuck in their old ways, remember: your business’ value isn’t only important to you, but to the potential customers you’re trying to connect with. Businesses with the right tools in place know that whatever makes their day run more smoothly also reflects onto the experience of their clients.


Always be on the lookout for potential ways to make your business more fruitful and your time more consolidated. Here are some resources to help get you started.


Hootsuite – Social Media Management


The biggest concern with social media connecting and advertising from a business perspective is how to make this process a simpler one. Instead of managing and maintaining both personal and business accounts, there are now ways to minimize this extra effort and consolidate the amount of time spent on simple tasks that could be delegated elsewhere.



No longer waste time on your social media account management when you don’t have to.


This is where Hootsuite comes in. This simple to use service allows for scheduled content posting, ROI measures and the most updated social media monitoring tools available right now. The biggest practical upside of this particular platform is that it works well for both medium sized businesses with multiple social accounts to monitor or small startups just starting their first Twitter.


Scribe – A Content Writing Service Companion



Scribe plus article content writers is your one way ticket to high quality and valuable content.


Using Scribe jointly with article content writers can give you the upper hand over your online competition in terms of lead generation and putting content on your site that speaks directly and genuinely with your chosen audience. This content marketing software allows for:

  • Discovering profitable topics and phrases for future content.

  • Overall site content analyzing and statistic readings.

  • Helping build connections based on the content currently on site.


Lead generation and connecting both with an audience and potential networking opportunities are crucial for the development and growth of a business, no matter how small. In fact, the smaller your business, the more important it is to start promoting site traffic and creating alliances in the business community. Scribe does all that and more. Your article content writers can also easily work with you based on your Scribe output.


You Need A Budget. – Easy Money Management



Manage your finances in a simple and stylish way.


As a businessperson, you’re financially savvy. Still, why do your finances on pen and paper or rely on only one program to make sure your money is truly in the green? You Need A Budget is a quick way to track the money coming in and out of your business, as well as debt management. Combine these features with a sleek and visually appealing design and it’s time to toss the pad and pencil in the garbage because this will become the only accounting tool you’ll need.


Meetup – In-Person Networking Opportunities



Start your year with easy local networking opportunities.


Your online networking talents have to be honed for absolute business success, but don’t forget the importance of real life meetings and communication. Meetup is a database of local events and networking opportunities that match you and your business’ interests, removing the soon-to-be antiquated methods of Craigslist and Facebook group communications from the table.


For those who want to make their own gathering, Meetup also offers an affordable way to notifying others and get the word out about your even or gathering.