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7 Tips for Crafting Effective Headlines

Jess Barnes, Content Writer @Article-Writing.co

Posted On: October 22, 2018

There’s an infinite amount of information available on the internet. Your goal is to make your content stand out from the crowd. You want readers to notice, get engaged, and share your writing.

Using effective headlines can help to initially capture that attention and convince your audience to keep reading. Below are 7 tips for creating effective headlines to introduce copy that will then convert to sales.

1. Stuck? Use a Working Title

A working title is a tool that filmmakers and authors have always used. (Look at some of these working titles of popular films – there are a few gems!) Sometimes the reason is hiding secrets about major movies. Other times, a working title can simply be used as a placeholder until a better title comes to mind. You can use a working title for your copy in the same way. Choose a title that makes sense and gets specific about the topic you’ll be writing about.

2. Keep it Simple

There’s no need to give everything away before you even start writing your copy. When creating effective headlines, keep them short and to the point. Your headline only needs to serve the purpose of catching your reader’s attention and drawing them into the content you’ve created.

3. Use Your Keyword

As always, you’ll want to keep SEO in mind. Utilizing SEO tactics starts before you even get to the body of your content. Not only will using your keyword in your headline let readers know what your post is about, but it will also help with your content’s search ranking.

4. Make it Bold

To stand out among competitors and the sea of content available online, you’ll need to create effective headlines that use bold wording. There are specific action words that you can use that have been proven to capture attention and persuade readers to take action. In this case, that action is simply to keep reading your content.  

5. Keep it Relevant

Your wording is important and you want to pull readers in with action words. However, it’s important that your headline also makes sense in the context of what you’re writing about. If you convince readers to check out your post, but the information you offer has nothing to do with your bold headline, people will be confused and unsure of the message you’re trying to get across. Be sure that your headline is on topic and serves as an introduction to your content.

6. Don’t Go Over the Top

While using bold wording can help to persuade readers to dig in, don’t take it too far. There’s a line between grabbing attention and using click bait. Don’t cross that line if you want your readers to trust you as a reliable source of information.

7. Keep Them Guessing

Once you’ve gotten their attention, you need to pique the interest of your reader. After glancing at your headline, they should feel compelled to keep reading. You can make this happen by crafting effective headlines that ask questions, promise useful advice, or sound just intriguing enough that your audience needs to keep reading.

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