The Top SEO Resources You Need for a New Year

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @
Posted On: January 28, 2016

Entrepreneurs in the modern age have a lot more to worry about compared to those who started businesses 50, 30, even 10 years earlier. There’s more room for competition between businesses, as well as many more venues for advertisement and marketing, such as employing SEO writing services.


The days of print ads in newspapers and relying on word of mouth marketing are over: this is the age of technology and you’ve got to adapt to the times. This includes being on top of your SEO.


There are a myriad of ways to make sure your site is up to snuff when it comes to your SEO and search engine standings. Some involve paying lots of money to a consultation service to stay on top of your standings around the clocks. Smart business people know that with innovation comes streamlining. There are also many cheap and easy to keep track of your SEO. This means you’ve got great options to choose from to help handle the task either on your own or with some reasonably priced help.


SEO Writing Services


SEO writing services can boost your website’s value in multiple ways. If your business has an active blog, you’re almost guaranteed to see over a 50% increase in site traffic, making your blog’s SEO value rise. Content writers can also be instructed to help boost your SEO with keywords and other tips to better optimize the content. Including outgoing links, images and dynamic formatting can be simple ways to make your site search engine optimized.




There are methods of using social media that can give your SEO standings a boost, but handling your own social media as an entrepreneur can be tedious and unnecessary. Sites like Hootsuite can tweet and post for you, as well as show you statistics about your social media standings based on their formulas and findings.



Use Hootsuite in comvination with SEO content writing services and other site resources for the best possible result.




Your business probably has a content marketing strategy, but is it working for you more than you work on perfecting it? Moz takes out all the guesswork and has been one of the most used SEO services in recent years, with big name clients like Aaron’s and Otterbox. For quick and free tips, the Mox blog offers professional grade information on methods for snappy optimization.


Search Engine Watch


If you want to get lost on a website for hours, it’s certainly possible on Search Engine Watch. Even if some of their content doesn’t fully fit in line with your business are marketing strategies, whatever they may be, the biggest draw of SEW is that they have enough general information and tips to tide anyone over. When it comes to staying on top of SEO trends and other tech age marketing Dos and Don’ts, this is the site you need to bookmark.


Start off with some 2016 digital trends you should know about and work your way back from there. It’s addictive. There are also a lot of articles and resources that can work in tandem with SEO writing services you want to use. If you’re on top of this SEO info, it’s much easier to get across the strategy you want to go with when talking to writers and editors working on your site and content.

Quick Resource Articles


Here’s a good idea: bookmark this page and revisit it anytime you need some fast SEO help. Here’s a collection of SEO articles to get your site content on track:



Some More SEO Tips


  • Be sure to communicate with SEO writing services you use about keywords you want and what your site content needs in order to be properly optimized. There are across the board methods of optimization, but the best results come from client-specific keywords and guidelines.
  • Be on top of SEO research. Google adjusts their formulas quite often, so it’s critical to stay on top of the newest information. Don’t and watch your standings fall.
  • Be aware of both local and not-so-local marketing strategies. Your SEO will work in similar ways. Some SEO is geared towards being hyperlocal; your audience down the block is what counts here. Other SEO strategies target a wider net of potential audience members.