The Startups’ Guide to Dynamic Website Creation

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @
Posted On: December 17, 2015

When you’re just starting out as a small business, you’ve got a lot of competition to deal with- competition that have bigger and better websites than you do. Without a dynamic website to host your goals and information, the help of website content writing services, and the right information located in the right places, potential customers are slipping right through your fingers.

It’s okay if at first you can’t spring for a fancy, high-tech layout for your website, but your online storefront should be treated just as if you were taking care of something tangible. A store with disorganized shelving and a confusing structure is a store that doesn’t succeed in the real world, and your business will suffer the same fate if you don’t follow some simple rules when it comes to your website.

Layouts and Ease of Use

  • Make sure whatever you’re working with is easy to read. Complicated menu systems, fonts, and clashing colors don’t give visitors a lot to work with. Stick to a rule that your copy text colors are always either black or white. Save accent colors for headers and sub-headers.
  • Some sites like to try to blend minimalist ideas with overly cluttered menus, screen grabbing photos and other forms of marketing that are supposed to lure in customers. If you want to go minimalist, here’s your rule: stick with it. Streamline your site and cut out the filler and fat.
  • Make sure your site is mobile compatible. A majority of internet browsing is done on smartphones, iPads and tablets, so you have to keep up with the digital age. If a potential customer can’t access your site easily on their mobile device, you’ve essentially lost them.
  • Your menus should be so easy to use a monkey could navigate your website. Don’t leave people scrambling to find basic information. Spot test your sites navigation abilities regularly so you know there’s no confuse about information availability.

Website Content Writing Services

  • Don’t leave your site looking empty. If you want more traffic there has to be a reason for it. A site that doesn’t update with content is a site that goes stale. Utilize website content writing services to give your website a more personal edge to keep customers coming back again and again. Content writing services can be useful in filling your site with content that fits your image while alleviating tedious work from your to-do list. We’ve got a whole list of reasons why website content writing services are essential for startup longevity.
  • Never shy away from making your business seem personable, no matter what the cause or content. Whether it’s an about page with an intimate story about your business or a staff introduction section, customers are more inclined to support you the more human you come across. If you aren’t sure of your own ability to add in more personal content, again, website content writing services can help you punch this up.
  • Also remember that website content writing services can also help your social media presence, another important facet of your online presence.

Investment Strategies

  • Once you get enough revenue going to realistically spend on a better website, do so. Don’t waffle on this decision. A website is an investment you can’t live without.
  • Use any available services possible to test your sites readability, SEO utilization, and how much traffic is coming in. Many free resources exist for website spot checking, but if you have to pay for some then so be it. Remember: your site is an investment and it’s one that’s worth it.

A business’ first year running is what a lot of statistics and figures about its future are based on. Trying to achieve as much success as possible is paramount during this time. Set yourself up for success by creating the most dynamic website with the resources you have available.