The Online Resources You Need for a More Dynamic Website

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @
Posted On: February 25, 2016

Your business’ website is the first impression you give to customers, and you know just how important those are. Turn off a customer at first glance and they’re surely lost forever. There are many ways to get traffic going to your blog, like website content development of unique articles or social media posts, but your website is critical to your image and success. It’s a fact that humans process images they see in tenths of a second – you may not remember every detail of an image you see in an instant, but your mind has already made key judgments about how well it was perceived.


This means your website content development has to be dynamic if you want a potential consumer to stay instead of tabbing away. Capturing traffic is about snagging someone’s attention right away – and you’ll soon have the tools to do just that.




This is for anyone with a site that works with HTML5. Customers are usually captured quickly using two main methods: images and quick facts. This is based on the idea that people want their information in easy, digestible forms – a graph of business statistics that’s easy to read is better for your website content development than a long piece of copy about your last quarter.

A well-placed information graphic can be a sure-fire success tool.

Chart.js allows for the creation of six types of charts that can easily show off any information you want your customers to take notice of. They aren’t your father’s pie graphs either – you’ll have colorful and aesthetically pleasing info in image form in the blink of an eye.




If you want to host a website and create a dynamic layout all at the same time, Wix can be your go-to resource. Featuring free hosting options and premium features, it’s never been easier to create and design a website that can be fully functional and attractive, no matter what purpose it serves.


Probably the best feature of Wix is that it gives the option to choose your site’s genre, if you will. Selecting the site creation option for blogging gives you layouts that are suited to posts and reading unique articles, while selecting a business option offers templates that are better suited to eCommerce. This is critical – picking the wrong layout for your site based on purpose can make it hard to navigate and use.




In truth, your website content development shouldn’t be gimmicky. You can’t simply slap a big image on any WordPress theme and expect traffic to come rolling in – your website needs to be a fully realized experience. Using unique articles, a good concept and effective SEO strategies should be the first tools you use, but any plugin you install or script you run with your website should fit into a theme of cohesion. There’s no easier way to do this than with Instapage.

Buy articles and search engine optimize all you want, but your landing page is what immediately gets people interested.

Instapage can help you create a dynamic and fitting landing page in as little as three minutes. You’ll also be receiving 20 plus marketing tool integration capabilities and the ability to add the style to your existing website if you use one of their supported platforms like WordPress or GoDaddy.



Sometimes your problem are isn’t your website content development, per se, but is instead the colors you’re using. Color meshing and putting up attractive hues on your site can make it look more appealing and dynamic – especially when you make them cohesive to your layout. Having a decent understanding of color theory is a great for website design, but that’s not what you signed up for as a business owner. Luckily there are resources who can help you without going back to college for a design degree.


Paletton is handy for coming up with fitting color schemes for your website. Pick a base color for your website and Paletton will pull colors that compliment it. Play with this as much or as little as you want. Take its advice or come up with crazy design schemas of your own.