The Blogging Inspiration Top 30 Countdown

By: Jennah Mitchell| Author @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: February 26, 2015
Looking for some inspiration? Has your blog been a bit…well…dry lately? It can happen to the best of us, but fortunately there are great ways to break out of your writer’s block and start creating interesting, fun, relevant blog posts once again. Any blog writing company will tell you that.
Below is our top 30 list of inspiring blogs, creative tools, and hilarious things found online that are sure to help break your out of your writing rut in no time:

30. First up is an awesome compendium of writer’s block quotes found over at Goodreads.com. Because admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it…or so we have heard.

29. Find the muse from your own personal experiences.

28. Don’t fall prey to “grammarphobia;” instead, learn the basics of great grammar and dive in to writing with renewed confidence.

27. Regain your passion for writing by reviewing what some of the best authors of all time have to say on the matter. Even your favorite blog writing company needs to look to the heavy hitters once in a while.

26. Read something you love, whether it is a magazine, a favorite novel, or even a cookbook. You never know when inspiration might hit!

25. Look to your readers – check out the comments on your past blog posts and you may find a common theme or content suggestion that you can use for your next post.

24. Watch a movie or hit up an art museum. Inspiration for writing does not have to come just from written works…creativity or beauty or discovery in any form can light your creative fires.

23. One of the best ways to get “unstuck” is to set your mind free. Freewriting lets you type or long-hand with reckless abandon, and you just might find a nugget of inspiration once you’re done that you can use as a seed for your next article.


21. When in doubt, let a computer automatically generate topic ideas for you. No, really. It can work great! Hubspot’s online generator is one of the best around.

22. Organizing your thoughts is a great place to start any writing, like covering things you don’t want to forget and that you may want to use as reference points for your blog articles.

20. If you are after a more comedic topic selection, Portent’s online topic generator serves up both serious and offbeat options at the click of a button.

19. Repurpose an older post into something new. If it worked before, it will work again, especially if you put a fresh, relevant spin on it.

18. Have someone guest post on your blog. It will give you a break to gather your thoughts and may also give you a fresh perspective on what your audience likes to read about.

17. Speaking of finding out what your audience likes, head over to some “competitor” blogs and see what they’re up to…nothing acts like an inspiration or motivation like seeing other people doing things well.

16. Join some forums and see what topics and subjects are hot right now

15. Copyblogger.com is the Content King when it comes to blogging. They recommend several things, including finding the questions no one in your industry is willing to answer and finding a solution yourself.

14. Try a new format. If you are like many bloggers, you likely follow a set content layout with most of your posts. Break out of that template and you will be surprised how inspired you may become.

13. Comedy is often the best way to break out of a mental rut. Consider these hilarious word-based funnies.

12. You can never have too much humor, which is why this list of writing comics and memes found on Pinterest is also a great way to get your writing groove back on track.

11. Collaborate on a writing project with a friend or colleague, or even look to a blog writing company.

10. Do some sleuthing and check out what keywords have done really well in the past. Find a way to use them in your next article.

9. Take to Twitter. The shortened format makes it a treasure trove of one-liners and carefully curated links.

8. Consider interviewing a thought leader or expert in your industry and featuring that Q and A session on your blog in lieu of a traditional article.

7. Think from the point of view of someone else. Someone older. Someone younger. Someone that is outside of your industry. Someone that lives in another country. The list goes on and on.

6. Pinterest once again comes to the rescue with this awesome collection of blog prompts and ideas.

5. Think up something CRAZY…really get outside the box here. Then find three ways to scale back your idea so that it fits within what your target audience would want to read about but still retains some of its “edge.”

4. Is there something people in your industry are interested in learning? Think about writing a post that teaches them something you excel at. Even writers at the best blog writing company need to be open to learning new things.

3. Check out Reddit. It is an endless rabbit train of discussion threads and ideas, all organized into specific topics and categories for easy searching.

2. Ask questions. Try out Quora – you can ask any questions and behold: the insightful online tool serves up answers that you can use to add fun facts and tidbits for your next article.

1. When all else fails, partner with a blog writing company like us. We can step in and help you by writing focused, relevant content so you can sit back and reap the rewards of an awesome blog.