Do Startups Really Need To Blog?

By: Jennah Mitchell| Author @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: February 23, 2015
Startups are a unique breed of business; they almost always are starting from scratch in terms of a website audience and a social following, and they are often helmed by just a few stalwart souls that are putting in long hours and wearing many hats just to get the business off the ground. Time is precious, which is why many startups decide to spend it on print advertising or social media management or product development instead of on employing a blog writing company.

So, do startups really need to blog? Or can they get away with other forms of marketing and be just fine without a blog writing company? Even though it may seem like just another item on the to-do list, blogging is an essential part of any successful digital marketing platform, whether you are a dentist or a realtor or a home goods retailer.

Blogs Are The Anchor That Keep Your Email Marketing In Line

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you have likely been mulling an email marketing strategy over in your mind for a long time, and you may even have started creating a drip campaign to help reel in new customers. The problem with extensive email newsletter plans is that most people will not read them. That’s right – not many people will read a lengthy email from a startup company that they know virtually nothing about and that has not proven themselves as a thought leader in their industry.

Don’t send all that hard work down the drain! Use that content as the starting place for your blog, and then draft short, punchy, relevant email blasts that link OUT to your blog and show that you respect your audience’s time by not filling their inbox with yet another self-serving novel. Email management tools such as Mail Chimp, Act-On, and Constant Contact offer detailed analytics that allow you to see what links are receiving the most interest so that you can refine and better target your emails moving forward.

Over time, you will see a rise in site traffic as well as fewer opt-outs in your email list. If you are a savvy blogger, you will also use your blog as a place to capture email addresses, thus creating a tightly woven marketing cycle that is always working to capture customer’s information and turn them into loyal readers and consumers.


Blogging Creates Content Longevity
If you are carefully to publish blog content that is packed with value and relevance, chances are that each post will still resonate with your readers weeks, months, and maybe even years after you first post it online.

Social media content will fade into oblivion after time, replaced by your current stream of posts and images.

Emails will be long forgotten after just a few days.

Print marketing quickly loses relevance once the new magazine or newspaper issue comes out.

Blog content – if done right – can sit on your website for ages and STILL provide valuable insight for your readers. The more articles you post, the more you position yourself as an expert in your field, and as someone that people can trust. Each and every word you post on your blog also creates SEO opportunities that will help your website rank higher in organic searches.

Startups of the world, don’t wait until your business grows to begin blogging! Start now with a blog writing company and see the rewards from a fruitful digital marketing campaign blossom on top of that strong content foundation.