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Upon order confirmation, an Article Writing Co. representative will be in touch within 24 business hours. For all new clients, we have a new client questionnaire that we like to have filled out client side. We also seek to have a one on one phone call to discuss your business and your value proposition so we can prepare the best content; in addition we seek to discuss your over-arching needs and marketing objective as a business, so we can best match our capacity towards exceeding these objectives.


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Anyone can cobble together a few tweets and Facebook posts each day. But using your social media platforms to inform, engage and, ultimately, drive sales and develop new leads is much more difficult. That’s why you should turn to the experts at Article-Writing Co. to help you with your social media content. These days, close to 90 percent of brands use social media The reason? It drives new business, and strengthens existing relationships. More than seven in 10 adults are now active on at least one social network.

Our team is more than 100-large. We have a wide set of experience and expertise. For agencies specifically, this means you can focus on growth and scale rather than worrying about your social media content needs. So we’re 100% clear, this is strictly a raw-material writing job. We do not offer engagement, growth, or other social media marketing.

We charge $1 USD per post. If you have 3 networks you would like custom copy for, please indicate so above using the drop down menus. Obviously this is your copy. If you want to take “30 posts written for one network” and share across many, that’s no big deal to us!

We understand the value of social media content as it pertains to the development and maintenance of your brand’s digital presence. And, we know how to structure your social content in the grander scheme of your digital marketing strategy. These days, social media cues help define and increase search rankings. It makes sense, too; the more people who engage with you on your social media platforms, the more times your links are shared. Plus, it makes your site more relevant and authoritative.