Tuning in to a podcast about marketing and SEO is a great way to pick up on the basics of both practices. With experienced hosts and insightful guests, business owners from all walks of life can learn on the fly. And learn from professionals you must if you’re planning to dive headfirst into either practice. 

If you’ve never dipped your toe in SEO or marketing waters, you’re in for quite a journey. Skills like link-building, social media, complete content, affiliate marketing, and brand storytelling await you. Of course, don’t forget about how to properly sell your brand, leadership techniques, and creating successful ad campaigns. 

As with any business, another key aspect of running things successfully is building a quality backlink portfolio. Obtaining backlinks and learning the best link-building strategies is a crucial part of SEO and marketing. And, just like the aforementioned skills, it’s a beast all its own.

Though the journey may seem daunting, experts know how to break down the basics for first-timers. Since it’s impossible to slip extensive research into your busy day, there’s no shame turning to experienced voices. So, here are our picks for the best marketing and SEO podcasts.

1. Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee, hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, has educated marketers and business owners since 2007. Every Thursday they discuss different aspects of marketing, how it impacts the business world, and how you can better your leadership and strategies.

What we like best about this podcast is that truly anyone can tune in and understand. There’s nothing worse than a podcast host under the assumption that everyone is as knowledgeable as them. You won’t find that here. Wall and Penn ensure their chats are educational yet conversational. And, with episodes at about 25 minutes apiece, they don’t eat up a large chunk of your day.

Some of their top episodes include interviews with Simon Sinek (a personal favourite), Seth Godin, and Tim Soulo. In just these episodes alone, you can learn about software tools, leadership, helpful books, and backlinking. Now imagine 12 years’ worth of content…

2. Hack the Entrepreneur

Given its name, you may think this podcast solely caters to entrepreneurs. But, you’d be wrong. Jon Nastor is the face behind Hack the Entrepreneur’s empire and his podcast can offer a lot for your business.

If you’re ever in need of content marketing, SEO, affiliate marketing, or content creation advice, you’re in the right place. Of course, Nastor and his guests delve into much more in-depth topics. Previous episodes include how you can take calculated risks, the smartest ways to create goals, why you shouldn’t focus on competition, and how to create compelling reasons to buy a product.

The episodes run for about 40 minutes or so, making them a great listen for lunch breaks or commuters. If you’re in need of a few best listens, then you should check out his interviews with Guy Kawaski, Seth Godin, or Kai Davis. 

3. Unthinkable

At the end of the day, sometimes it’s refreshing to hear success stories from people off the beaten path. What makes these stories even more compelling is the knowledge that these protagonists were once in your position. Imagine a podcast discussing the best, sometimes unconventional marketing practices for your business and you’ve landed at Jay Acunzo’s Unthinkable.

Each episode highlights different marketing techniques and why they work for certain businesses. You can learn about some of the more unorthodox methods or simply some of the best in stories about Alec Brownstein, The Alchemist, and Tirrell Cook.

Episodes range in length, with some being under 20 minutes while others can stretch over 40. The best places to start are easily the episodes “There’s Something in the Light” and “Voices”. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re guaranteed a thought-provoking listen that may just encourage you to break the mould.

4. Social Pros

One of the best tools to have onhand is social media marketing knowledge. Social Pros, hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown, bring business owners exactly what they need by getting to the root of this practice. Their weekly episodes delve into a variety of topics, including content marketing, social media content, customer complaints, and brand storytelling.

Part of what makes this podcast so special is its guests. Baer and Brown speak with real people who share authentic tips they currently apply to their marketing strategies. So, listeners can rest easy knowing they’re getting genuine advice from people who practice what they preach.

Episodes range anywhere from 30-60 minutes and include interviews with several titans of industry. If you’re looking for a jumping point, consider their talks with Griffin Thall, Amanda Bond, and Marissa Sharpless to learn more about social media storytelling, influencer marketing, and Facebook advertisements. 

5. Edge of the Web

Edge of the Web is a digital marketing podcast diving into an assortment of processes including SEO, social advertising, content creation, marketing strategies, and advertising techniques. Hosted by Erin Sparks of Site Strategics, this is an all-in-one podcast any business owner can rely on.

With so much to offer, these episodes can err on the longer side (upwards of an hour). But, you never have to worry about not learning something new and applicable to your business strategy. Listeners can indulge in interviews with Bill Slawski, Ross Simmonds, and Nicholas Chimonas. These gem episodes cover topics such as Reddit advertising, shifting from keywords to concepts, and the state of link-building (albeit in 2016, the episode still covers important information).

If you’re new to the party, then you’re in luck. New listeners have plenty of material to sift through, with episodes dating back as far as 2013. Even better, the earlier stuff includes just as much information as the newer episodes. This really is a podcast that covers every edge of the web.

6. Agents of Change

Agents of Change aims to be exactly that for small businesses. This podcast can help small business owners with everything from SEO to marketing to social media to advertising. If you’re just starting your business or haven’t been in the game for too long, this podcast will be your best friend.

Rich Brooks hosts and takes listeners on a journey through all facets of business life, including how to best price your products and services, a 90/10 content marketing strategy, and how to build a high-quality backlink portfolio. If you need a place to start, consider Brooks’ interviews with Mike Kim, Christine Whittemore and Paul Klein. Brooks also has a great episode on advice he would have given to his younger self, which is an awesome starting point for small businesses. 

Episodes typically range anywhere from 30-40 minutes. So, if you need something to listen to before bed or during lunch, Agents of Change is the place to be.

“Right now, my favorite link-building activity is just getting on other business-related podcasts. Compared to the 6 – 8 hours it takes me to write a guest blog post, the 20 – 30 minutes I invest in an interview offers a much better ROI to get a link in the show notes.”

Rich Brooks

7. Search Talk Live

This podcast is a hub for all digital marketing and SEO tactics. Hosts Robert O’Haver and Matt Weber speak with a variety of experts in the field to get insight into the best practices and how failures can help shape better business people. 

Listeners are guaranteed top-tier advice on practices like SEO, social media, the best tools and software, and how to better their user experience. You can also expect to pick up a thing or two on how to drive quality traffic, local SEO, multilingual marketing, and why keywords and links deserve the top spot in SEO. 

This is a helpful podcast for anyone with 40-60 minutes of time to spare. If so, some good episodes to start with are their interviews with Neil Patel, Martha van Berkel, and Garrett Mehrguth. Even if you only have the time for an episode or two, this podcast can assist you in just about everything you need to know about digital marketing.

“Don’t just build links to build links, get links from sites that your website will benefit from such as traffic, sales, and leads.”

Robert O’Haver

8. Hustle and Flowchart

Hustle and Flowchart is the perfect podcast for any business owner looking for a more conversational kind of listen. Hosts Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier bring in the experts but keep things light with their down-to-earth demeanours. 

Sit back and learn all about affiliate marketing, how to become an Instagram influencer, and preparing yourself for entrepreneurship. Episodes typically range from 40-70 minutes, making it a terrific choice for anyone with some time to kill on the way to work. Bear in mind that they do have some episodes stretching into the two-hour mark, such as their episode with Daniel Daines-Hutt. But, for the most part, you don’t need more than an hour.

If you need some places to start, check out their interviews with Rob Burns, James Schramko, and Brian Dean. Among other things, these episodes can help you with buying and selling online businesses, customer retention, the skyscraper technique, and the best link-building strategies. 

9. Animalz

Animalz is the podcast of choice for those in need of content marketing advice. Members of the Animalz content marketing agency produce the show, so you know you’re getting quality advice from experts in the field.

Though it just celebrated its one-year anniversary in September, listeners still have about 20 episodes to sift through. A few can stretch past the 40-minute mark, but oftentimes you’ll need to tune in for about 20-30 minutes. In any case, each episode dives into useful topics such as how to create original work without falling prey to the “copycat content crisis”, the library approach to blogging, and why you should refresh content.

The episodes themselves either discuss in-house techniques or feature interviews with Lane Genee or Blake Thorne, both of whom work as content marketers. As starting points, we recommend these interviews or their episode on how to think like a content marketer. 

10. Duct Tape Marketing

Host John Jantsch is no stranger to the world of small business. For starters, he founded Duct Tape Marketing, a marketing agency that helps small businesses with their strategies. He’s also an accomplished author and speaker who’s been in the business for over 10 years. So, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands with his podcast.

You can treat yourself to new tips every few days. Be sure to check out his interviews with people like Jay Baer, Dan Breeden and Brian Dean to learn about how to successfully define your brand, generate word-of-mouth, some of the best SEO strategies, and why backlinks still matter for business. Jantsch is also kind enough to provide his own tips for building your own marketing strategy. 

Some episodes aren’t even 10 minutes long while others come close to the 40-minute mark. But the length provides you with useful soundbites you can indulge in during the day. 

11. The Recipe for SEO Success

Host Kate Toon has been in the SEO industry for over 20 years, with experience as an SEO copywriter and consultant alike. Join her as she walks you through all the necessary features of SEO and how you can best apply it to your business. 

If you’re a first-time listener, you have dozens of episodes to go through, dating back to 2016. Some episodes don’t surpass 10 minutes, but you’ll need about 20-30 minutes on average. Some great places to start are her interviews with Neil Patel on content marketing or Nik Cree about Google Tag Manager. It’s also worth looking into her episode on SEO predictions for 2018.

One of the best things about this podcast is that it breaks down the episodes based on knowledge-level (Newbie, Basic, and Techie). For example, Toon’s episode on SEO for small businesses is newbie-safe, whereas her episode on backlinks is labelled as Techie. In the end, you’ll have no trouble pinpointing which episode is best for your needs.

12. Everyone Hates Marketers

Sure, the title is a bit disheartening at first glance. But, host Louis Grenier knows the reality of some marketing techniques. You’ve likely been at the receiving end of pushy sales or marketing tactics, right? Well, Everyone Hates Marketers speaks with experts in the field on how you can better your strategy and not wind up like the pitches everyone despises.

One of the best things about this podcast is that you can return to its episodes years from now for relevant information. Grenier ensures that his interviewees assess current, yet evergreen, issues that’ll still prove useful in the future. 

Episodes typically fall in the one hour mark, giving Grenier and guests ample time to get into the nitty-gritty of marketing terms and advice. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, check out his interviews with Seth Godin, Stephanie Gresier, and Sean D’Souza. You’ll be able to pick up tips on how to launch a business, how to land a speaking role, and how to sell without being pushy. 

13. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

In The DigitalMarketer Podcast, hosts Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely walk listeners through some of the top digital marketing trends suited for businesses. You can learn from some of the industry’s finest on what strategies work right now and how you can better your gameplan.

Listeners can pick up tips on a variety of practices. You can hear all about data protection, chatbots, and skyscraper content through their insightful interviews. Snavely and Holmes also sometimes host in-house interviews with DigitalMarketer team members, so you can learn about how they conduct business, too.

There are a lot of great episodes to choose from, especially if you’re new. And, since most of them range from 20-45 minutes, there’s no reason not to listen. Be sure to check out their interviews with Ezra Firestone and Matt LaClear. These episodes will teach you about business success, advertising, and how to convince authority websites to give you a backlink. You should also look into their interview with Matt Shelar, the DigitalMarketer promotions manager, to learn about how to get the most from your promotions and content.

14. Foundr

This podcast is brought to you by Nathan Chan, founder and publisher of Foundr Magazine. Now, what makes Foundr so special is that Chan entered the world of marketing and entrepreneurship with no knowledge. Of course, we can say that about practically anyone, but what I mean is that Chan wasn’t working a marketing job. He wasn’t an entrepreneur. So, his publication and podcast address all the burning questions newbies have themselves.

This isn’t to say that his podcast won’t help. What it does say is that it’s easily digestible and features interviews with those who’ve been in the business for a long time (think Neil Patel, Tim Ferriss, and Rand Fishkin). These are actually great episodes to start with. You can grab advice on the pros and cons of building a personal brand and pick up some productivity tips. Fishkin’s episode is particularly insightful as he delves into his battle with depression and his 2018 book Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World.

Episodes are also only about 40-50 minutes, so they’re terrific options for just about anyone. Even better, you have several years’ worth of content to plow through if you’re new to the podcast.

15. SEO is Dead and Other Lies

Each week, join hosts Paul Warren and Ryan Klein as they discuss all facets of SEO and inbound marketing. Their podcast covers a multitude of skill sets such as how to get into an affiliate marketing niche, building successful landing pages, and how to start doing webinars. Additionally, they also have several episodes discussing link-building strategies, some with interviewees. 

Average episodes range anywhere from 30-50 minutes and feature interviews with great minds. You can check out their interviews with Matthew Woodward and Andrew Swan for the state of link-building and how to build links on a larger scale. Additionally, their episode, “The Past, Present, and Future of Link Building” dives into how Warren and Klein expect to see the craft evolve in 2020.

New listeners can go through episodes as far back as May 2018, making it a great resource for recent information and tips. Tune into previous episodes for advice on how to outsource SEO tasks, building an SEO-friendly website, and black and white link-building in 2019.

There you have it. These podcasts are just a few of many that you can turn to for content marketing, social media strategies, link-building tips and advice on how to run a successful business. We hope that you’ll walk away feeling more confident than ever!