Making the Most out of Blog Content for Millennials

By: David Tile| Founer @
Posted On: April 02, 2015
With every day that passes, one truth about the digital world grows stronger and stronger – the youth movement is getting bigger and more influential for brands like your own. Don’t believe this? A few minutes spent looking at some of the relics from the Internet’s past – think Xanga, Digg, or Myspace – shows just how fickle youthful consumers can be if you’re not careful. To ensure you’re always making waves with the hippest portions of the digital crowd, here’s an in-depth looking into exactly how your brand can make the most out of website article writing for the millennial generation.

Why Bother With Millennials in the First Place?

If sifting through the wreckage of digital dynasties long gone really isn’t changing your mind about shifting toward a more youthful slant on content, it’s probably time to break out the hard facts. In his look at the uptick in purchasing power and social sway held by Millennials, Ryan Jenkins of Business 2 Community explains that this move away from the current generation and into the next set of leaders and primary consumers is all part of the natural progression of life.

With 15 percent of this demographic currently holding management positions at work, and another 60 percent viewing their current standing as the first step into more lucrative careers, this generation clearly has its eyes on building expendable income. In fact, over 35 percent already operate side business opportunities specifically for this reason. Adding in that 80 percent expect to have kids in the next 10 years completes this audience portrait and reinforces the fact that as today’s consumers head toward budgeting for retirement, the rising youth segments of the web are ready and willing to engage and support relevant brands.

Developing a Winning Blog Content Strategy

So how does your business cash in on the growing purchasing power and prominence of this group? For starters, Entrepreneur’s Michael Brenner notes that molding your site content around youth culture – from sporting events to music and movies – is a strong way to connect on a deeper level with this group.

Additionally, personalization goes a long way with the Millennials. By tailoring content exclusively to this demographic and leaving the generic concepts and topics employed by other industry outlets behind, Brenner suggests that expecting roughly half of this audience to share your blog content on social media is far from wishful thinking. Based on how important peer evaluation and recommendations are to those falling into this category, it’s safe to say that being in this enviable position is right where your brand wants to be going forward.

As far as spreading your content goes, Brenner goes on to note that maximizing SEO and Facebook outreach is a good start as always, but today’s youthful browsers want more –primarily in the form of graphics and visuals. While it might take a little extra work from you or your content marketing professionals to build relevant and shareable imagery that supports your on-site content, taking Pinterest, Instagram and other image-first platforms by storm represents a clearly defined strategy for rising above the competition that’s still has their sights set on Generation X.

Heading down this path is far from easy, and often represents a major shift in content ideology for many brands. However, the fact of the matter is that the sway held by the Millennial demographic will only grow stronger as these young men and women continue to generate massive amounts of influence and income. With this realization guiding you, it’s hard to come up with a reason why your brand wouldn’t want to get ahead of the curve and buddy up with these consumers before the rest of your industry catches on to this shift in the digital marketplace.