Keep Followers Engaged With These Social Media Copy Tips

Raven Brajdic, Content Writer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: September 28, 2018
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Does your brand have a social media presence? In 2018, nearly every company needs to have a presence on social media channels. However, whether you settle on Facebook and Twitter or branch out to create accounts on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s not enough to simply have a page.

Your social media copy needs to encourage followers to engage with your content – i.e. commenting, liking and sharing. It needs to sound authentic while communicating some type of value for your reader. After all, with so many brands vying for their attention, what reason do they have to include your posts on their news feeds?

Here are some tips on creating engaging social media copy that will attract more followers and help you connect with your audience.

Develop a Voice Remember all of that thought you put into branding your business cards and website to create a cohesive look for your company? Your brand voice is no different. It’s smart for business owners to define and strategize their voice to make their content instantly recognizable by followers. Think of your brand as a person, and give them qualities that your company embodies. Some questions to ask yourself during this process include:

  • Are they witty or serious?
  • Do they use slang or is their speech more professional?
  • What topics would they care about?
  • Do they speak frankly on subjects?

This persona should guide your voice definition and also help you understand your audience better. Once you decide on a voice, keep it consistent across all channels and platforms.

Keep it Short & Sweet

When it comes to creating effective social media copy, the shorter the better. Research shows that shorter captions, posts and tweets earn more engagement than lengthier content. With so much information clogging their news feeds, people often prefer to read messages that are concise and get to the point quickly.

On average, this is how long your content should be depending on the platform that you’re publishing on:

Make it Personal

A successful company builds its reputation not on its products, but on the relationships that they develop with customers. In the same way, the best social media copy will use emotion and storytelling in order to resonate with readers.

Often referred to as emotional “hot buttons,” some emotional triggers for audiences include family values, self-achievement, love and romance, wish fulfillment and the desire to become smarter.

You want to create a bond between you and your audience, and communicate how your brand fits into their lives. Use pronouns like “we,” “you,” and “ours” in order to make your posts feel more personal and directed at the reader.

For example, a family restaurant might rely on copy that communicates the importance of shared meals or treating yourself to a night out. This is much more effective than constantly advertising your menu or upcoming specials, and more likely to get customers in your chairs.

Not sure on the best way to create social media copy that resonates with your audience and drives engagement? We’d love to help you earn more double-taps, thumbs and comments on your content. Reach out to us to learn how.

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