Is PR Web A Good Distribution Outlet For Your Next Press Release?

By: Jennah Mitchell | Author @
Posted On: February 25, 2015

Congratulations! You’ve created a new product or made some waves in your industry and now it’s time to roll out the proverbial red carpet and let everyone know about your success. Most companies understand the benefits to press releases written by great article content writers, but are a bit less certain of where and how to distribute them.

You may be tempted to stick with a basic newspaper distribution plan, but in doing so you will lose out on the incredibly broad audience found online and the talents of your quality article content writers will go to waste. Sure, print distribution is pretty affordable, but for a little more you could multiply your reach exponentially; a fantastic trade-off to be sure!

This leads us to the questions of where and how to share your press release online, and the answer is PR Web. There are many other distribution websites, but PR Web has both viewership and ease of use on its side, as well as varying price points that make it affordable for virtually any company to share their news with the world.

PR Web Can Help You Write A Compelling Press Release

If you are a press release writing pro, kudos! If you are not, don’t despair. PR Web has a tried-and-true template to follow that will guide you through every step of the way. They also have a slew of tips and tricks on their site that will help you hone your news piece into a compelling work of art.

PR Web Enables Multimedia Content

Content that has graphics or videos included is exponentially more likely to be read than content without it. If you have such supporting materials available, you can include them in your press release to encourage your readers to stick with you for the entirety of your press release and – ideally – to take some form of action, be it visiting your website or purchasing your new product.

PR Web Has An Incredible Reach

30,000 bloggers and journalists and counting.

250,000 subscribers with more added each day.

3 million site visitors each month on average.

If you are looking to reach as many people as possible, this is the site you have been looking for. Their visibility is unparalleled, and it is something you can take full advantage of for every press release you distribute through their platform.

PR Web Puts Analytics Right At Your Fingertips

The user dashboard comes with detailed analytics reports that show you the impact of your press release. You can see how many people have read it, where it was viewed, and even how many times it was shared. Knowledge is power, and having that data available means that you can learn from each release you send out, getting more and more effective at reaching your audience with each one you create.

There’s no excuses now – get some quality article content writers and start submitting your company’s press release this week. New customers and company contacts could be waiting to hear from you!