Influencer Management Services

The Influencer Management Service from Powerful Outreach is your Instagram influencer agency on steroids. We have built collectives of influencers across a variety of niches perfect to promote your eCommerce store.

Proven ROI from Influencer Management Experts

Simply put, if you find your target market on our list of collectives below, we can get your positive ROI on an instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is a management fee on top of what you will pay the influencers. We charge a base management fee to connect to our network and then negotiate individually with influencers to make sure the full campaign achieves maximum lift. Part of our strategy on-boarding sessions involve setting product and promotional budget on top of management fees.

Step 1

Sign up to the plan of your choosing.

(Call / write us if you would like some guidance.) You will be asked to fill out a relevant survey form and set up your on-boarding call with your dedicated PR expert.It’s important that we get on the phone to discuss who you are; what your PR objectives are; who we can connect you with; where you would like to be featured; etc.

Step 2

Develop your PR Strategy!

Based on your goals and objectives for outreach, we will help you develop a sustainable and repeatable PR strategy. In the first month, we will help you lay out a solid PR plan, develop PR resources, craft compelling pitch angles, and point your campaign in the right direction. As with all good things, this takes time. The first 1-2 weeks of our campaigns generally are dedicated to setting up your strategy. This is strictly a numbers game. The more journalists that we hit, the more chance over time you will have for positive interactions and press mentions.

Step 3

Execute and Start Outreach!

Once your PR Strategy is in place, we will begin outreach on your behalf. You will be notified of any outcomes as they happen and work closely with a dedicated account manager to modify and optimize your campaign based on the results. After 3-4 months, once we’ve built a serious momentum for your campaign, we generally start to see at least 2-3 positive interactions coming in monthly. (More on pro and epic packages). It is up to you to nail these home… take on the conversations that make sense to you and enjoy the earned media!

What People Are Saying

“We’ve been working with Powerful Outreach for a few months now. They get us more placements than I can respond to. They have been very available to tweak and review our goals, and have adapted as we need. It takes time for any agency and client to find a groove and get to know each other. Powerful Outreach is nimble, available, hard working and at a great price.”

Anne-Sophie Whitehead, League Network

“The service at Powerful Outreach is absolutely amazing. Whether you sell B2B Enterprise Software or offer a consumer mobile app, niche blogger PR always makes sense from an acquisition and SEO standpoint. Powerful Outreach is one of the best bang-for-your-buck services I’ve ever come across and a no-brainer for any marketer.”

Jon Beck, Revenue Growth Consultant

“Elijah & team are fantastic to work with. They always go the extra mile to help me develop strategy and new approaches in the ever-changing PR world. They’re the most cost effective partner we work with. Awesome service, highly recommend to all. Tim, startup founder, Chicago.”

Tim Huelskamp, Founder @ 1440

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