How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere — Part 3

Posted : February 19, 2018

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How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere

Elijah Masek-Kelly, Managing Director @ Powerful Outreach

January 16th, 2018

Welcome to PART THREE of our comprehensive guide on how to get a guest post. Upfront Reminder: this guide is massive. Probably take you an hour or so to read the whole thing. If you’d like, we’ve made this available as a PDF ebook for you to download and own as a resource. Sign up to our email list here and we’ll email it with haste…

At this point – you are probably tired, bored, or eager to get started with your next guest post. If you made it this far – you are ready to start guest posting! The following sections are for how to keep up the momentum and make the most out of your posted content.

Maintain Relationships with Publications

Once you have had a guest post placement on a site – don’t let the relationship end there. You’ve now created a connection with a publication and an editor, which is something valuable that shouldn’t be forgotten. Stay in contact with that person – you may want to submit another guest post in the future or you may want to introduce a friend 😉 You may even be able to evolve your relationship with a publication to become a consistent contributor. This will give you more access and more freedom to submit more content! Here are a couple ideas on how to maintain relationships after you have guest posted:

  • Stay in touch and stay friendly!
  • Share new content from their site
  • Pitch the editor more guest post ideas

Leverage Your Guest Posts for Greater Impact

After you get your guest post published on a site – you should also do whatever you can to promote it and get any additional benefit possible. First and foremost – you should add it to your portfolio of writing samples. This will help you get even more guest posts over time and as you build out a strong profile – it will become easier and easier. In addition – you can apply some strategies to help promote your article and grow your business. Here are 6 Ideas on How to Leverage your Guest Posts for Greater Impact:

  1. Collaborate with Others

When you are creating your guest post, you can reach out to other influential people or writers on the subject and ask to collaborate with them in some way. The more people involved in the creation of your guest post – the more people who will have a vested interest in sharing it with their networks. Not only is this a great way to start new relationships, you can also ask everyone involved to share it upon publication to help amplify its impact.

  1. Run Social Ads to Drive Traffic

If you have a little extra coin and really want to drive traffic to an article – you can run a small ad campaign on social media. This can really help for posts on sites that rank content based on traffic and will help you push your content to the front page for even more attention. It can also be useful for building out a snapshot of your audience for a more targeted and direct sales ad campaign.

  1. Start an Outreach Campaign Sharing the Content

Another method for getting other people reading your content is by applying some outreach strategies to share it with other people who are interested in the topic. This kind of outreach works best for highly-personalized emails targeted to people who have expressed interest in the content’s subject or something else that is related to it. For example – if you created a guest post about backlinking —> You might look up people writing about anchor text, send them a short personal note to share the article, and ask them for feedback or collaboration on a future article…

  1. Stay Active on Social Media

Most articles these days have a ‘click-to-share’ button that helps people share interesting articles on different social media platforms. Every person that shares your article is a person that you want to potentially connect with in some way. They have expressed interest in something you are talking about and they hold enough value to your article to share it. You can either manually check social on a consistent basis or set up some monitoring to keep track of any mentions.

  1. Leverage Mailing Lists

If you have any mailing lists or connections to people with mailing lists – this is a super easy way to share your new guest post with many people. Just send them a quick and friendly note that you have a new piece of content that they might find interesting. If you don’t have any mailing lists – consider sending a short note to your active and previous customers.

  1. Quote Your Own Guest Posts

Another way to keep your guest posts active is by referencing them in any of your other guest or blog posts. This will help you drive traffic from one post to another, which works particularly well if the articles support each other in some way. In addition – you will be building out backlinks to your posts, which will help them rank higher and receive more organic traffic over time.

The Flow of our Guide

And that’s it! You’re done! Congrats. Go out and get some guest posts. For reference, here are links back to Parts 1 and 2 of this guide…


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