How To Find The Right Publication To Write For

Alex Nicol, Content Specialist @ Powerful Outreach

28 May 2017

Guest blogging is a great way to collect earned media and get press in 2018. As public relations revolves around reputation management, the two pursuits go hand-in-hand.

However, guest blogging is really popular, which makes landing a pitch on a leading industry publication quite a challenge.

The challenge is to find the right publication for your writing – which might mean going for a niche platform instead of a really popular one – and putting together a stellar pitch. But how do you know which publication fits your brand?



Start By Setting Goals

The only way to determine the best publication targets is to set goals and expectations before doing anything else. Ask yourself “what is the purpose of my guest posting?” Common goals in guest posting include:

  • Building thought leadership and brand recognition
  • Driving referral traffic back to your homepage or blog
  • Collecting backlinks

These are fundamental performance goals for any PR and marketing campaign. While you should be able to achieve all three with a well put together guest blogging strategy, it’s best to focus on one at a time. The goal you choose should determine which platforms you pitch to. If you are looking to build thought leadership or drive traffic back to your site, then you will want to focus on platforms with a sizeable readership. If collecting backlinks to boost your SEO is the priority, then be sure to focus on sites with strong authority (root and domain). A site with strong root domain score that vouches for you is a sign of quality in Google’s search index and getting links to your site from a range of 3rd parties is an important part of a healthy link structure.

Collect Writing Opportunities

With your goals in mind, now you can go out and collect sites that represent great writing opportunities. In scanning the content and profile of third-party platforms, there are a few important characteristics to look for.

  • Is the publication primarily focused on your industry?
  • Do existing articles offer in-depth advice and actionable thought-leadership?
  • What do the profiles look like of other writers? Are they recognizable thought leaders?
  • Is there engagement across blog posts, whether in the form of comments or views?
  • Does the platform have a social profile that can help boost your post?


The best way to find and collect relevant publications is to do a targeted Google search. You can do this a couple of different ways.

One approach is to combine your target keyword (the one you have as your homepage keyword perhaps) with queries like “guest post”, “contributor guidelines”, or “guest writer”. This should pull up the contributor guidelines page for sites in your niche that accept guest posts contributions.

Another approach is to search for your industry plus query strings related to guest posting. For example, if you are an electrician you could search for “electrician guest posting,” “electrician contributor guidelines,” “electrician guest writer,” and so on. These searches tend to pull up publications geared more towards a general audience than the niche platforms you are likely to find by performing keyword-based research. Both are worth targeting.

Laying the Groundwork

Everyone wants to write a guest blog for the best publications in their industry. But becoming a respected thought leader in your industry requires laying the groundwork and growing from there. Use these tips to help you find the right publications to focus your guest blogging efforts on.

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