How to Build the Most Impressive Blog In your Industry (and Why it Matters)

By: Eva Webster| VP of Operations @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: March 03, 2016
Chances are that you have competition, no matter how niche your industry is. Even the most specific of businesses have someone they can consider a competitor, and this dichotomy can work both for and against you. The spirit of competition in a business setting can be what drives you to succeed, but the key word here is “succeed” – you have to be the one on top in order to truly find success. One way to do that is to buy articles for your blog.
Your goal should be becoming an industry influencer. When you achieve this status, you’re the one that everyone turns to for information and trends. You have the hottest information straight off the presses, the strongest connection to their customers and the ability to make success long-lasting.

Becoming an industry influencer means you have to fine-tune a lot of business components – marketing, product/service quality, your customer service, etc. One such area is your blog, and it’s one that you need to pay special attention to.


Typically your blog will be a marketing area that generates you a lot of leads. People Google a topic, one of your posts comes up, they check your business out and the rest is history. Running a well-crafted and valuable blog is one way to start being seen as influential. When you share high quality information with your consumers, they trust you and your knowledge. The more trusted you are, the more influential you are.


So here’s your goal – craft and buy articles for your blog that you can use to build your blog’s reputation up until you’re king of the castle.

Here’s how you do it…

  • First, pay attention to your competition. Influence is a very “compare and contrast” trait. You become influential by being better than others in your industry. In order to get your blog to beat out theirs, first you must understand their own blog’s quality and standards. Subscribe to their mailing list, check their blog occasionally and see what kind of content they’re sharing on social media. Don’t worry – the small amount of attention you give them won’t work against you. Any successful business owner has to do some reconnaissance on occasion. Harvest the information and pass what you can use onto your blog writer. Also remember that you aren’t looking to copy them – you’re looking to do better.


  • Now worry about yourself. Making an impressive blog means making impressive content. You can do this yourself if you feel strongly about keeping all business content in-house, but you can buy articles for your blog that also give you a competitive edge. High-quality writing is high-quality writing, no matter if it’s coming from you or a content service – and contracting content from one can save you lots of time.


  • Your content should be two things: informative and accurate. Remember, you want consumers to trust and look to you for information above anyone else. One slip up and this reputation you’ve worked for can be ruined. If using a content service, instruct a writer to focus on specific types of information or statistics that you think customers will find valuable.


  • Also make sure your writer does their research – offering links or resource guides can be a great way to get accurate and reliable content from an outside source when you buy articles for your blog. If you want to write the content yourself, make sure you understand the basics of blog writing and combine this with your specialized knowledge.


  • Your look is also important. As soon as a client clicks on your blog, they should be nodding their heads, thinking “wow, this guy knows what they’re doing here.” You can have the best content in the world, but an ugly or hard to navigate blog will turn them off. Strike a balance between minimalism and plain. A good minimal layout still looks like effort has been put into it. No one-note site skins!


  • Take into consideration all the little tips. Look at these 10 simple blogging tips and implement them into your blog. You can find 300 articles like this one, and each can offer you a small hack or tweak for fine-tuning your blog to make it better than it was before. Small and obvious touches like SEO inclusion or dynamic post HTML can make all the difference in the world, so don’t take them for granted. When you buy articles for your blog, your writer should be aware of tips and tricks like these, but don’t be afraid to pass on any you find to be especially valuable.


  • Most importantly, make it very clear that you know what you’re talking about – both in the tone of your content and by directly noting your experience and knowledge. Anyone and their dog can run a blog, but yours is the one that matters most because you’re the expert, and there’s nothing more impressive than that.