How Follow-up Emails Improve Customer Service & Boost Retention

Raven Brajdic, Content Writer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: August 06, 2018
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While customer acquisition and boosting your website traffic should always be priorities for marketers and business owners, don’t forget about the untapped potential of your current customer base.

After all, it costs less to maintain a current customer than it is to find new ones. On average, finding new customers can be anywhere from 5 – 25% more expensive than retaining your current customer base.

Companies that make a conscious effort to reach out to their customers have the advantage of remaining top-of-mind for consumers. Sending retention emails will help you stand out from the crowd and close more business.

These loyal customers are also more likely to share details about your product or service with their peers. They will be more likely to give their stamp of approval on your business to others, which will garner more eyes on your brand.

Here are some of the top ways that retention emails will help your business:

Improves Customer Communication

Email is an efficient way to create the intimate feeling of a personal, one-on-one relationship with your customers. It is an informal way to keep in touch and open the communication lines between you and consumers you might not see on a regular basis.

Why send a personalized email? When you reach out to customers based on their past behavior, 41% say that they will be more likely to make a purchase again.

Share Company Updates

How else are you able to provide value to your customers long after they’ve made their initial purchase? A follow-up email is a great way to introduce your brand and bring attention to different services or products that you offer. Subsequent emails can highlight upcoming sales, exciting company news like acquisitions or new divisions, and special offers that you’re extending to your loyal subscriber base. This will give your brand more dimension and remind consumers of the added value you continue to offer their lives.

Re-engage Your Audience

Are there customers that haven’t interacted with your brand for a while? Follow-up emails are great ways to entice them back with a tempting offer. Target the contacts that haven’t opened your last few emails, and send them a special offer to help draw them back in. Sending a personalized email along with a note about missing them will not only help them feel cared for, but will also put your brand back in front of their eyes.

It’s Cost Effective

As a plus, email is one of the most budget-friendly methods of communication to build into your marketing strategy. Most email service providers offer their service for an affordable cost, providing a valuable ROI when you consider how many customers you are able to reach at once – often hundreds or even thousands of subscribers.


To send impactful emails, companies need to have a deep understanding of their customer, top-notch customer service support, and some type of incentive for loyal customers. This is an efficient way to improve retention and keep customers coming back.

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