How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere

Posted : January 19, 2018

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A Comprehensive Guide to Guest Blogging

How To Get A Guest Post Anywhere

Elijah Masek-Kelly, Managing Director @ Powerful Outreach

January 16th, 2018

Guest posting is an incredibly powerful PR and content marketing tactic. The benefits are numerous. And those that apply it broadly to their growth strategy enjoy serious wins for their businesses over the long haul.

What you are about to read is the most comprehensive guide to guest posting available on the internet. Upfront: this guide is massive. Like it’s way too long. Probably take you an hour or so to read the whole thing. If you’d like, we’ve made this available as a PDF ebook for you to download and own as a resource. Sign up to our email list here and we’ll email it with haste…

The Flow of our Guide

The Flow of this guide is simple…

First we give you a good grounding on the basics of guest posting. What is a guest post? Why do people and brands pursue them? What kinds of blogs and publications take on guest posts? This section can be found here:

Then we dive into the how of it all. Walking through a serious number of tactics and strategies we use to earn guest posts. Like how to research journalists and publications? What is the best method to hit them up? How do you build momentum? etc.

Finally. We walk you through what’s next. How do you maintain relationships with publications? How do you lever good guest posts for maximum benefit? How do you cement yourself as an industry leader!

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