Finance Companies There’s No Better Time To Invest In Content Marketing

Joe Elvin | Financial Content Specialist

Posted On: February 21, 2018

It’s often suggested that the start of January is the best time for finance companies to get in the public eye.

New Year’s resolutions and festive over-spending both play a key role in people wanting to get their finances in shape, so it makes sense that this is the best time for financial companies who are eager to become discovered and gain new business.

However, I’d argue that this part of the year – a few weeks after the New Year celebrations have passed – is an even more crucial time for companies in this industry to boost their brand awareness through content marketing for financial services.

Credit card bills from December will have just dropped on doormats, willpower control and freshly frugal budgeting plans are starting to fade, and people are starting to think they might need some help managing their finances.

That’s where finance companies come in, but with so many brands competing for consumer’s attention, how do you stand out? The combination of financial services and content marketing is key.


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Content Marketing for Financial Services for the Win

People have been averse to direct marketing since the dawn of time, but in 2018 it’s easier than ever for them to switch if off completely.

Smart TVs can fast-forward past ads, ad-free music streaming services are replacing traditional radio, and online ad blockers are becoming more popular than ever.

This means it’s time for financial companies to change their strategy if they want to get in front of customers and get noticed. Instead of interrupting people’s content, they should create it.

Content marketing has become huge among online brands, and is now arguably the most effective way to engage your potential customers.

By supplying them with a constant stream of useful content, you’re helping to build your audience’s trust and showing them that you’re the brand to solve their needs rather than telling them. It’s a longer sales funnel than a 30-second prime-time television advert, but many marketers believe it’s a more effective strategy nonetheless.

Author and marketing expert Seth Godin recently said: “Content Marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” 

It’s tough to disagree, especially when it comes to financial services and content marketing.


How to Create Compelling Content

 Compelling content marketing in the financial niche is all about answering the questions that your potential customers are asking.

Ideally, it’ll be optimized to include the exact phrases that people are typing into search engines and your domain will have built up enough authority for the page to appear near the top of these search results.


using content marketing financial services for your business
Once you’ve got the eyes on your content, it’s OK to pepper in the benefits of your financial products within the copy. If the reader feels ready to learn more about your services, they can click through to do so.

If they’re not at that stage yet, give them the option to read more, perhaps with a link to some related content or an option to subscribe to future posts by social media or email. Learning how to how to excel at social media will ensure you keep subscribers coming back for more

If you don’t have the staff at your disposal to create a steady stream of compelling content for your website, you can outsource this work to a professional content writing agency.

There are plenty of agencies to choose from. Start by avoiding these mistakes companies make when hiring blog writers, and trusting your content with a company that has expertise in your business niche. Ideally, the company will also have working knowledge of SEO and how to keep an online audience engaged.

There’s no better time of year to reap the benefits of boosting your financial company’s content marketing. Get noticed and become the go-to authority for all things financial with strong and compelling content. Need help? Learn more about our article writing services.

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