Frequently Asked Questions

Can I alter my order?

Of course! Simply write your representative a note, and we will accommodate, no questions asked.

How Do I Submit My Specs?

Every client is different. Every client deserves a serious sit down before we set out to work. Our approach is two-fold. First, upon order confirmation, you will be contacted by an representative. This rep will present our client questionnaire for you to fill out. More often than not, we then seek to have a phone call with the new client to define the scope of work. It’s important that our team hears “from the horse’s mouth” about the business, the value proposition, the kinds of content we want to see, the specs, etc.

What is your refund policy?

Writing is an art and not a science. We look to work with our partners at the onset of new client relations to develop our understanding of the voice, tone, and particulars of the kind of content they are looking for. We are happy to take feedback and submit revisions as needed. If you are not satisfied with our work – which has never happened – we can talk about potential remedies.

Who owns the copyright?

Upon completion and pay, ownership of the work is retained by the purchasing party. will not repurpose your content, and we claim no ownership of the content upon completion, delivery and pay.

Can Article Writing Co. Take On a Large Order?

In fact this is our bread and butter. We seek to partner with large-scale content operations: marketing agencies, publications, etc. Basically anyone that needs an outside writing team is wise to contact to help make sure they have a scalable writing solution.

Missing Something?

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