How to Excel Your Small Company’s Social Media in 2018

Ellen Schoenthaler Bickford | Social Media Manager, Article-Writing.co

Posted On: January 30, 2018

The success of a small business often relies on the strength of its customer relationships. Although a smaller company may not be able to compete competitively price-wise with the larger box stores, they can provide excellent customer service, and a more personalized shopping experience. Understanding and harnessing the importance of social media dor small business ideal way to offer both of these benefits to shoppers.  In 2018, people rely on social media platforms more than ever to learn more about a brand and get real-time information from companies. Explore the three tips below to significantly enhance your social media presence for your small business this year:

Find Out More About Your Online Audience 

One of the biggest benefits to using social media is being able to glean important customer information from the analytics they provide. Almost every social media platform, from Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest, offer some sort of analytics reporting dashboard that offers information about the people who follow your company’s profile. The analytics they provide vary from demographics data such as gender, age range, and location, to statistics on what parts of your profile people are engaging with most, and during what time of the day.

The more information you learn about people following your brand online, the better you can cater your marketing initiatives to them. For example, if you learn that your Facebook followers are mostly 20-30-year-olds, you can push services and products that apply to a younger demographic. Or, if your analytics show that the vast majority of your followers live in southern California, for example, you may want to alter your content plan to reflect weather references or other information that applies to a warmer climate (and leave out any posts about snow or winter preparation). 

Tease a New Product or Service to a Select Audience Group

Social media websites are a great way to offer “sneak peeks” into new products you’re going to offer, to create excitement. Due to the viral nature of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, your followers can easily share these types of posts and get their friends and family members excited, too. The best part is that a site like Facebook allows brands to post updates for a specific period of time, where the post automatically comes down on a date and time of your choosing. You’re able to able segment who sees your post by audience type, like age and gender, or by your followers’ locations.

Customers are more likely to trust you if their friends and family say they can. In fact, according to HubSpot, “social media lead conversion rates are 17% higher than the average lead conversion rate.” Meaning that the people who interact with your company on a social media site are 17% more likely to do business with you. It’s time to start offering product and service teasers and creating that excitement for your followers, today!

importance of social media for small business

Think Outside the Box: Consider Creating a Pinterest Business Page   

Do you know which social networking site drives 2x as much e-commerce traffic as Facebook? It’s not Twitter, or Instagram or SnapChat. Yup, it’s Pinterest! According to HubSpot, “41% of all e-commerce traffic comes from pinners.” If your goal in 2018 is to increase website traffic to your company’s website, this is a great way to do it. If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few more statistics proving the power of Pinterest online:


  • 80% of Pinterest users purchase within 3 weeks of pinning an item.
  • 85% of all pins actually come from websites- not other pins!
  • 93% of pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases
*Resources: Melanie Duncan, Expanded Ramblings
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“My biggest problem right now, in general, is that I feel that the far majority of people in business organizations and media companies all across the board are storytelling in 2017 like it’s 2007.” – Gary Vaynerchuk


By using your company’s social media profiles to their fullest extent, your business can learn more about your customer base and tease a new product or service to a specific demographic. Another way to up your social media game this year is by trying a new social media site, like Pinterest. Pinterest has the potential to drive thousands of new customers to your website each month, if used properly. Ultimately, social media is the perfect place to offer valuable information and amazing customer service.


By positioning yourself as an expert in your industry on social media, you’ll be top-of-mind when it comes time for your fans and followers to buy the products or services that you offer. Don’t be afraid to recruit professional social media writers to help as well.

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