Eva W

Eva W

Senior Writer

Jeanine is a Vancouver-based freelance writer, who has written thousands of articles for clients in a variety of industries. Jeanine attended UBC as a Women’s Studies major and also has a Diploma of Fashion Design. She has worked in the fashion industry, as an Asset Manager for a multi-national commercial real estate portfolio, and as a Corporate Manager for a software startup. Her eclectic interests and experience as an entrepreneur and in the business world have expanded her knowledge on a number of topics and has demonstrated her to willingness to learn and strong work ethic.

Jeanine started writing fiction as a young child and hasn’t stopped writing since. Jeanine currently writes for a number of clients on an ongoing basis, in industries and subjects including finance, relationship advice, psychology, real estate, and more. She specializes in writing about Health & Wellness, Home & Garden, Lifestyle, and Fashion. As a writer, Jeanine’s main strength is creating content that is engaging and interesting to both the clients and their audience, and connecting to readers on an authentic and meaningful level.

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