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Posted On: July 29, 2014

The Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner. You can learn a lot about effective content marketing and writing SEO content just by paying attention to this year’s nominations.

Viewers Are Comfortable with What is Familiar

Developing new and captivating content should remain a top priority. However, it’s important to keep your readers comfortable by leaving plenty of room for what is familiar to them as well. There are several new series and sitcoms nominated for Emmys this year that were not even on the air around this time last year – including Masters of Sex and Fargo. However, Saturday Night Live received 14 nominations and has been on the air for almost four decades.

New is good, but sometimes familiar can be much better. Rehashing content from old posts and maintaining a common and consistent theme with your content keeps readers comfortable and coming back for more.

Do Not Be Afraid to Bend the Rules

Never break the rules (ex: keyword stuffing, black hat SEO techniques, etc.) Like with any competition for awards, breaking the rules of content marketing will get your website disqualified and penalized. There’s nothing wrong, however, with bending the rules a little with shock value and even a little bit of controversy.

Many of this year’s top nominees have story lines and characters that are based on bending the rules (Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, Masters of Sex, etc.) In most cases, shock value leads to viral media. This is because, according to Entrepreneur, it compels viewers and readers to share it with as many people as possible. That’s the effect you want to create with your content. Find the boundary line that determines what is “too hot for TV” and never cross it. However, don’t be afraid to get close to it in order to appeal to your target audience. Investing in professional article writing services is a great way to find a proper balance in this regard.

Expect the Unexpected Surprises and Snubs

The old-fashioned speech that “we are all winners” is absolutely false even though it’s nice to hear at times. At award shows, there will always be some sort of surprise or snub that confuses some and angers others. Think about all of the series and actors that did not make the cut this year for nominations. On the big night, the announcement of certain winners will undoubtedly make your jaw drop. You already know that’s going to happen, so you expect it.

Take the same approach with your content marketing. There will be surprises. A blog that you probably threw together quickly and thought no one would ever read might go viral overnight. On the other hand, you might get snubbed and have high-quality work that hardly gets noticed.

Consistency Will Lead to Recognition

The name of the game is “consistency.” The key to consistent success within the world of content marketing is not luck or intuition, according to Inc. It’s research and patience. Continue to refine your “performances” by using professional article writing services – polishing your work to make each article or blog better than the one published before it.

Get your acceptance speech ready now – as long as you focus on applying what you learned from the Emmy nominations into your content marketing, it’s only a matter of time before it’s your name printed in the envelope of winners.

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