Do’s and Don’ts of Outsourcing Your Content Creation

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: October 16, 2014
Here’s the quandary many businesses face: They have a lot of content, both online and offline, that needs to be taken care of. But no one on staff has much experience writing, and forking up $40,000 a year for a full-time writer doesn’t fit within the budget. This is where blog content writing services can step in and save the day.
Because, in other words, it’s probably time to hire outside help. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls associated with outsourcing content.
“Outsourcer employee turnover, communication breakdowns, shortsighted contracts: They can all sink an arrangement, resulting in lost opportunities, downtime, or worse”, says Bob Violino, a writer for Info World.

If handled correctly, though, outsourcing can be a great way to save your company time and money. Here’s a look at some of the do’s and don’ts of outsourcing your content creation.


DO Outsource Skills You’re Weak In

You have to understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, unless you or someone on your staff has some experience writing, then you probably need to outsource the content creation.

“Every company has people who excel at certain things, but very few organizations are good at every facet of content marketing,” says Michelle Linn, the director of content for the Content Marketing Institute.

Anyone can cobble together a blog post. But the content has to appeal to your target audience, it has to be impactful and/or educational, and it needs to be heavily promoted afterward (see the bottom of this post for more information on promoting your blog posts). Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

DON’T Hire the Cheapest Agency Available

Just like everything in business, you get what you pay for. If an agency is telling you that they can do a 500 word marketing email for $4, you can expect to get a $4 product. Finding an agency that offers a solid mix of quality and affordability can be difficult.

DO Be Specific About What You Want

You have to be very thorough and specific when communicating your content needs to a freelancer or writing agency. Although you want to be concise, the most important factor is giving definitive instructions that prevent any type of confusion.

“You could hire Charles Dickens himself (you know, if he were alive) to write your content, but if you didn’t make it clear what you wanted from him, it would still come out terrible,” says writer Matt Meltzer.

You will save the agency and yourself a lot of time by communicating your needs and leaving nothing to the imagination. The more specific you are, the better chance the work you receive is going to satisfy your needs.

DON’T Wait Too Long to Cut Ties

One of the dangers of employing outside resources is that you may be paying for something that isn’t the type of quality you’re looking for. However, unlike a salaried or hourly employee, you have far less red tape to sift through when dealing with a freelancer or contracted-out writing agency. If you’re not receiving the type of quality you want, it’s better to move on quickly and find someone who can.

DO Outsource to Gain Different Perspectives

Agencies and freelancers can be a great way to develop new perspectives and ideas for how your content can be created. Being objective is difficult when creating content for your business, so employing the help of an outside perspective can be very helpful. “It is so easy to get stuck in your own head when planning to execute on your content marketing strategy,” Linn says.