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The Difference Between Writers and Copywriters

Jess Barnes, Content Writer @Article-Writing.co

Posted On: October 24, 2018

We’ve talked a lot about copywriting and a lot about creating content. So what exactly is the difference between being a copywriter and just being a writer who creates content? It’s a common misconception that the two are the same. In reality, there are some key differences, along with several similarities.

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriters are focused on promoting the company and boosting sales. Each piece of copy that’s written has a goal of advertising products, services, or the company in general. The words written by copywriters are an excellent tool for driving traffic to a website and convincing readers to take action quickly with copy that converts.

Copywriting tends to be short form. Writers will find themselves working on projects like crafting Facebook posts, working on headlines that will grab the attention of readers, and summing up a message in 280 characters or less on Twitter. Companies doing copywriting well can tell a story in just a few words so that readers are more likely to engage with the brand and become loyal customers.

What Does a Writer Do?

A writer is anyone who writes anything. Content writers, in particular, are focused on providing useful written resources. That content might be for blog posts, wording for the website itself, or for extras like e-books and case studies.

There’s a lot to be said for short form copy. Copywriters can get their point across quickly, with short messages directed to a target audience that’s likely to read them. On the other hand, content writers have the opportunity to expand on their message and give readers all of the details they need to get informed and make smart decisions.

The Connection

When it comes down to it, everything a writer does is for the good of the company. Whether it’s a social media post that’s clearly trying to persuade followers to purchase from a flash sale or a pillar page designed to provide in-depth information with a subtle call to action, both have the same end goal. Writers working for a company are promoting that business and attracting readers to make sales.

Writers and copywriters should work hand in hand, combining their skills to generate writing that’s engaging and promotional. While the two roles will come with separate projects and responsibilities, each piece that’s written will be an integral part of a cohesive content plan.

When it comes to keeping your readers informed and engaged, both copywriting and content writing are an important part of the plan. Be sure to create a balance between selling your services and giving your customers quality information to keep them coming back to learn more about your company.

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