Defining the Customer Funnel: Retention

Raven Brajdic, Content Writer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: August 22, 2018


The marketing funnel doesn’t end once a customer’s purchase has been made. The steps that a company takes after a sale has been completed make a massive difference. This can make lead to securing a return customer that spreads the word about your brand. However, it can also turn to a customer that writes a bad review or is unsatisfied with the product they received.

Your goal at this stage is to convert customers in to raving fans that are eager to sing your praises to their peers. This is one of the best ways to take advantage of word-of-mouth. It can also increase the likelihood of a repeat purchase, or secure positive reviews or case studies.

Say Thank You

Don’t underestimate the power of the simple “thank you.” After your customer completes a purchase, they should receive an email within the next few days. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just thanking them for their service. Keep your messaging authentic, and demonstrate your gratitude for their business. Try to personalize this message as much as possible. You can do this either by mentioning the product they purchased or making a recommendation that will further improve their experience.

Continue Offering Content

There are certain types of content that help improve customer retention and continue to demonstrate the value of your brand. This content should provide helpful information that allows you to continue interacting with your audience and building loyalty. Some examples include customer support documents, FAQ content, and follow-up emails.

Offer Loyalty Incentives

Do your customers have a reason to tell others about your product? Starting an affiliate or loyalty program that offers customers incentives for referring you is essential. This can help spread the word about your brand and secure new customers that are already familiar with you. This could include receiving a discount on future services. Other options include access to specialized content like webinars and e-books.

Send a Survey

Feedback from recent customers is invaluable when it comes to shaping the experience of future prospects. Following their purchase, send customers an email with a survey to help you learn more about their experience. Ask for ways that you can improve your product or service, and what will make them likely to refer your service to a friend. The more you listen to your customers, the more you will learn about your target audience’s habits.

Engage with Them

Continue to interact with past customers and show that you value their feedback. Respond to their social media posts and share them with your own followers, and provide swift action to criticisms or complaints. Offer special discounts or exclusive content. Don’t be afraid to ask for a review or testimonial, or if they would mind referring your business to their peers.

There are dozens of brands out there that were competing for your customer’s business – don’t let them forget why they decided to go with you. Simple moves like sending a thank you email or retweeting their content on social media will keep you top-of-mind and make a customer more likely to recommend you to others.

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