5 Ways That Recruiters Can Utterly Fail in Creating Content

It’s great that your recruiting agency publishes a blog. Or has an email newsletter, a Twitter account, or puts out any other kind of content that is meant to engage with your target audience. Just showing up is a sign that you’re savvy enough to recognize that content marketing should be somewhere on the priority list for your firm. However, simply having a blog isn’t enough… you have to do it right. If you don’t, you’re selling your company short on the many benefits…

Why You Need to be an Example in Your Industry

In a digitally driven, fast-paced society running on social media feeds and the latest trending wellness solution in the news, it can be hard to get ahead in the health and fitness industry. Even though you have found your niche, foster authenticity within your brand, and stay true to your values, it can seem as though there is still not enough clientele and business to go around in the field. This is where being…`

5 Trends to Watch in Elder Care

Senior care is expanding to encompass a variety of different businesses, from care facilities that house seniors to caregiver services that attend to them while they are at home. And that’s not even thinking of all the different businesses in between, like professionals who work at various facilities or the people who create special medical equipment that some seniors need. The senior care…..

Why Every Tech Startup Needs an Email Newsletter

Steven Briggs, Technology Content Expert @ Article-Writing.co March 14, 2018 Things happen fast in the wonderful world of technology, and your startup is no exception. When you’re trying to sell complex, technologically sophisticated products and services,...

5 Ways to Improve your Health That Will Let you Improve your Wealth

Let’s first start by defining wealth. What if we said, that instead of the classic financial and dollar worth connection which most people associate as describing wealth, we redefined it as abundance, satisfaction, perceived success, and wellbeing. And when you have those things and focus on building them up, you in turn, are working to create the best version of yourself. At your best, you feel like the wealthiest of them all. It is only then, from your best self, that you can…

How Can Financial Companies Make the Most of Social Media Marketing?

It’s incredible to think that some financial companies still think that their business is too bland for them to launch a proper social media marketing campaign.We’re in 2018 and thousands of businesses have demonstrated the tremendous potential for social media to boost brand awareness and sales, including…..

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