7 Blogging Tips For Hyper-local Companies

By: Jennah Mitchell| Author @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: February 27, 2015
A hyper-local company is one that primarily serves a specific geographic location or community. While many such companies make use of the Internet to promote their goods and services beyond the confines of their local reach, a large majority of their business comes from the people and businesses within a small target area. When they buy articles for blog posts, this is something their writers need to keep in mind.
Companies that fall into this category might include restaurants, real estate agencies, bakeries, marketing companies, and news stations or magazines. No matter what industry you are in, if you cater to a very specific demographic or location these 7 blogging tips will help you further your reach and offer highly relevant content that your consumers will love.

1.Develop solid social media connections. Sure, it’s not blogging, but everything you do online ultimately drives traffic, so the more relationships and excitement you generate on your social media platforms, the more interest you will create for your blog. Think about whether you want to buy articles for blog content.

2. Improve your SEO. In small communities, chances are that competition can be stiff if you are in a saturated market. SEO is a great way to get a leg up on your competitors, and you can do this by taking care to focus on keywords and phrases in your blog articles that your target audience will likely be searching for. You can also buy articles for blog content that will be tailored to your SEO needs.


3.Comment on national industry leader blogs and be sure to include backlinks to your own site wherever possible. If you have a chance to guest post for a major blog, take full advantage of it, as it will position you as a thought leader within your community.
4.Shout-out to colleagues in parallel industries whenever possible, If you scratch their back, they will likely scratch yours, creating a back-and-forth of cross-promotion that benefits you and them almost instantly.

5. Make your blog design appealing. You don’t necessarily need to shell out ten grand on a new website; even a small investment into your site to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and not dated or bland can go a log way toward attracting new site visitors.

6.Create content that is hyper-specific. Go beyond standard “how-to” articles that serve up generic information that everyone already knows. Think about the questions or problems facing your customers and then answer them in depth. If they see you as a source of knowledge and value, they will keep coming back for more.

7.Tap into hometown pride and show your readers that you are passionate about living in the community. Even better – find a way to partner with a local charity organization and share your experiences working with them on your blog.