6 Essential Tricks To Links That Your Marketing Writer Should Know

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co

Posted On: May 08, 2017
How much do you know about marketing?

There is nothing wrong with admitting that you may not know that much. The reality is that not everyone is an expert and nobody should be embarrassed about it. Particularly for business owners and other professionals who are busy running other aspects of a company, it is not always a priority to dig that deep into everything.

Instead, sometimes delegation of a task and a basic understanding is all that is necessary. Success is built by teams of experts who contribute their skills towards a common goal. This means that it is acceptable to depend on other people who are more experienced in one field or another. In fact, it can be beneficial for a business to leverage specific skillsets in order to make something happen.

However, this also means that members of a team need to be totally reliable and know exactly how to employ their skills for maximum impact. As we mentioned, not everyone is an expert, but anyone that you choose to work with should be extremely capable of delivering whatever they promise.

Learn To Rely On Your Marketing Writer

When it comes to your marketing content, you need to have a reliable marketing writer who is capable of producing compelling content that inspires your audience to act. One of the most important tricks within this type of content is knowing how to properly embed links. This is critical for guiding your readers in the right direction.

If your marketing writer doesn’t know how to do this, then they really aren’t a marketing writer. There are 6 essential tricks to links that every marketing writer should know if they want to provide top-level content writing services. Here is a quick breakdown so that you can stay on top of what needs to be delivered.

6 Essential Tricks To Links

Shrink Links – Links can become ridiculously long depending on the site and page of its source. This can make them annoying to use for many reasons and more difficult to embed if you are trying to share an uncloaked link. However, it is possible to shrink a link. If you ask your marketing writer what that means, they better be able to tell you.
Cloak Links – If you are using affiliate links in your marketing, then you should probably be cloaking your links. Not only does this make your links look more appealing, but it also helps you keep track of your own click count to match up with your affiliate’s records. This is an essential marketing link trick.
Track Links – It is likely that your links are leading to somewhere important and probably somewhere where you hope to convert your readers. This makes it critical to keep proper track of all of your links so that you can evaluate your strategy and adapt as necessary. You better hope that the content writing services that you are using is doing this right now.
Organize Links – Depending how long you have been in business, your list of links is probably pretty long. This also means that if you have been keeping everything organized, you may be looking at a really long list of garbled URLs. A good marketing writer is just as organized as they are capable of creating great content.
Share Links – If you have established an affiliate program or if you are trying to get your information out into the wide world of the web, then sharing links is an essential step to this process. What good is a link if it is never shared? This is a good question for your marketing writer.
Test Links – There is nothing more frustrating than a dead link. Particularly when you realize that you have embedded it throughout your entire website. A link that doesn’t lead anywhere is useless, which means it is critical to test your links throughout every stage of your marketing process.

If you are considering hiring content writing services, or if you are working with a marketing writer, then you as a business owner need to know if they are treating your links the right way. Skilled marketing writers use link services like PrettyLink in order to improve the efficiency of their work because they know that properly leveraged links are critical to online success. If you are seeking content writing services, you need to ensure that your marketing writer is capable of delivering content that utilizes links for maximum impact. For more advice on expert copy writing services, contact Article Writing today.