6 Best Tools for Content Research

eva webster
By: Eva Webster| @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: May 20, 2020

It is hard to know where to begin when doing research for your blog and social media posts. Ideas aren’t always easy to come up with organically and these six best tools for content research should help you get there easily.

Ahrefs – With Ahrefs, you can perform keyword research, competitive analysis, backlink research, content research, rank tracking and web monitoring. By seeing what keywords your competitors rank for, it allows you to determine which keywords might work best for your content. You can also see what content is performing well in your niche and analyze why and how it can work for your brand. From there, you can come up with topics and ideas related to those keywords. There is a cost for this service and it isn’t cheap.

“Using Ahrefs. I use their keyword explorer tool. Usually, I start by typing in a broad keyword and I sort the best opportunities through their “Having same terms” and “Questions” tabs that provide ready-to-use keyword ideas that are easy to rank for and have a high volume opportunity.” – Jakub Kliszczak of Channels

Google Trends – Everyone loves Google and Google Trends even takes that up a notch. One of the best free tools for content research, it is definitely worth checking out. Basically, you can see what everyone is searching for. You can see recently-trending searches, what was most searched for in past years, and then there are stories about big topic searches like Coronavirus and the 2020 American census. Even cooler, you can check out the data visualization project, where you can use data to tell in your own stories. This service is free and opens up the gates for you to find very trending topics that you can take and make use of in your content.

tools for content research

“Google has many services to provide analytics and Google trend is one of the best options out of them to find trending topics for your blog posts. You can search for any topic and can receive the data based on location, time period, category, and search type hence in this way you can check out the volume it is receiving. It not only provides the data of how many people show interest in a distinct topic but also offers comprehensive information on the related topics and queries. Google trends can also assist you in locating extremely targeted keywords for your focus market.” – Nidhi Joshi of iFour Technolab

Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo is a spot where you can use their content insights to generate topics and ideas for your own content. You can take this a step further with them and monitor your content’s performance as well. They say the four key components to their services are discovery, research, influencers and monitoring. You can try Buzzsumo for free by entering a topic, term or URL and from there see how it has engaged on social media and how much engagement it is getting. To get the real story, though, you’ll have to pay and just like Ahrefs, it isn’t cheap.

SEMrush – This award-winning marketing tool lets you do SEO research, track social media, conduct content audits and competitive research, and more. Again, you can play with this tool as you’d like to discover what keywords and what content is performing best and from there come up with the ideas for your own blog and social media posts. Another pay-to-play tool that will hurt the wallet if your budget is limited.

“I use SEMrush‘s Topic Research Tool. You can start with one topic, and the tool will display all the relevant content clusters along with the highest performing posts for each group. Better yet, it also shows the number of shares, Facebook likes, and backlinks to trending articles.” – Jung Nguyen of Small PDF

Exploding Topics – A new player on the scene, this service lets you see trends that are blowing up (exploding) before they get big. With this type of service, you can write your content before all the major players do, so that your content is trending first. The cool thing about this site is that you actually get a topic to work from, not just a keyword and you can tailor your titles accordingly. This site does not yet have a cost and looks like a great resource for any marketer or content writer.

“The best way to find trending topics for your ecommerce blog is to use the new tool called Exploding Topics. This tool searches the web for topics that have a recent and sharp rise in popularity but are not yet popular simply because they’re so new. So the idea is to create content on the topic before it takes off, while having proof that take off is imminent. Powerful stuff as you’ll be battling against no one for the top spot.” – Nikola Roza

Ubersuggest – There’s an Uber for everything now, it seems. And with this one, comes the advice of the lovely Neil Patel. With this service, you can see what your competitors are doing right (and wrong) so you can follow suit. Of course, you’ll want to do better than they are and improve upon their tactics. You’ll get SEO reports, keyword suggestions and even content ideas from what’s being most shared in your niche. The pricing for this is on the low-end of the scale for similar tools.

If you don’t want to purchase expensive tools for content research, don’t have the bandwidth to learn how to use them, or just don’t want to bother, the experts on our team can help. We have purchased these tools for content research so you don’t have to. Our team can use them to strategize the best topics for your blog or social media and then we write them. Reach out to find out how we can take this work out of your hands.