5 Ways to Improve your Health That Will Let you Improve your Wealth

Laura Peill, Health Content Specialist, @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: March 27, 2018
As a financial writer, I’d like to start by defining wealth.  What if we said, that instead of the classic financial and dollar worth connection which most people associate as describing wealth, we redefined it as abundance, satisfaction, perceived success, and wellbeing. And when you have those things and focus on building them up, you in turn, are working to create the best version of yourself. At your best, you feel like the wealthiest of them all.  It is only then, from your best self, that you can give the best results to bring in the best people and build your best business.  And then you can talk about getting money.
But if all of that is going to happen, it’s not going to be through some magical transcendence or overnight shift. It is going to be through some committed work, time, and dedication.  It is going to be through learning, changing and growing, and through a few selective habits you can adopt, that will work in your favor to improve your health and build the wealth that we all want.

Fuel your Engine

It would be remiss in talking about boosting health, productivity, and self-success to not first start by addressing food and nutrition.  And likewise, it would be easy to say that it is an easy fix: follow this new generic diet plan that is all the rage currently (think gluten free, paleo, ketogenic etc.), that has been crafted to solve all the dietary woes of every person in the same way. But the truth is, that there is no one-size fits all plan, and just like you have to do the work at work, you have to do the work at home too.  You have to start seeing food and nutrition as fuel: energy to fuel you up to function optimally to create good results, yield productivity, and build wealth.  Proper fueling is at the root of optimized brain function, energy levels, emotional regulation and, of course, problem solving, self-confidence and the ability to drive yourself down your own wealth seeking path. Nothing happens without enough fuel.

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Get Moving

Dianne Dall’Oglio, a Pilates instructor and studio owner of Emerald Pilates says the best thing we can do is start moving.  Get behind the necessity and importance to work the body if we want it to work for us in return: “if we don’t nourish, restore and work our body, we are hurting it.” We expect so much of our body every day, when it comes to our work and concentrating and focusing, creating content for clients, and showing up for clients, and yet so much of the time we don’t give it anything in return. The power of movement to heal and re-energize is unparalleled.  It’s why there is an increasing movement (no pun intended) towards holding meetings on a run, going for a walk at lunch time, and why companies are offering improved wellness solutions such as in-house gyms, gym memberships, and activity-driven staff events.


Find your Mind

We’ve all been there: stuck in that “everything sucks, this really bad, that is going wrong, and I’m going to sit on the floor and have a pity party for myself,” mindset.  Okay, pity party is over now, go home.  Or just get back to work.  But get back to work with a shift in mindset.  The ability to bring in good things to your business, achieve the success you want, and connect with the people you want to reach doesn’t happen when you are spiraling down the negative staircase.  It happens when you adopt a mindset of abundance.  When you get good at turning potential problems into solutions, you look at difficulties and challenges as an opportunity instead of as an obstacle.  And from there, you turn that into a lesson for yourself, a lesson for your clients, and a great opportunity to deliver content and information surrounding your progress and journey. The path to wealth is not without its bumps, and people connect to knowing they aren’t alone on their bumpy path. Put yours out there too.

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Foster Relationships

Whether you want to consider this the social aspect of building your wealth, or the networking and business part, there is an inherent part of reaching your best that stems from the relationships you have, the relationships you build, and the reciprocity to facilitate wealth from within these relationships. It is not lost on most of us, that having good business relationships is important – after all, they are your clients, who you create content for, who in turn pay you money, and in the end drive your success. But we also we need to foster the relationships outside of business that feed our inner selves and allow us to show up the best to do our best work. Our relationships can’t be all business.  Commit to finding people in your life who bring you up, propel you forward, and make you feel really good about yourself and what you are doing.  That feeling you get? That positivity, gratitude, joy and self-confidence they evoke within you? That’s real wealth. And that’s the fire that is going to drive your ability to foster and continue to cultivate the wealth you desire.

Craft a Balance

After all of this, it comes down to balance. Ah yes, the ubiquitous work-life balance we are all striving for, while at the same time beating ourselves up for not working hard enough, doing enough, and pushing enough. But perhaps just like we are re-defining wealth, we need to redefine balance.  Perhaps we need to accept that it looks different on different days, on different weeks, at different times in our lives.  We need to embrace the idea that life has seasons: that sometimes things are at a high, sometimes at a low, sometimes really busy, sometimes slightly slow.  And that as Georgie Morley says, we need to get in the space of “saying yes when it feels right and trusting our gut.” The other times, when it doesn’t feel right, it’s okay to say no.  Morley runs the Chasing Joy podcast, and knows a thing or two about building happiness, building joy, and building wealth. Balance isn’t as much about having a set schedule as it is about being open to a flexible schedule and recognizing that it is okay if that looks different at different times.


In the end, yes, perhaps all of these things could get you more money and improve your wealth in the very basic meaning of the word.  But in the meantime, maybe we need to focus on striving for more than just dollars, and instead build up these areas of our health to foster our ability to create better content, attract more clients and ultimately, bring in more money.


If you want to spend your time focusing on these aspects of your health, we’ve got you covered.  Reach out to us to write you some wealth-worthy content, while you work on some wealth-worthy health points for both yourself and your business.

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