5 Ways To Make Your Content More Memorable

By: David Tile| Founer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: October 15, 2014
Out of all the information you absorb online, how much of it actually sticks? Or better yet, how many articles do you actually read completely? Now, take a moment to ask yourself, how long does it take you to write a blog post? An hour? Two hours? If you’re taking a couple of hours of your time to create something of value for your customers, let’s assume you would only hope that they actually read all of it. It’s like spending two hours to cook a meal for someone and they only take a bite. Imagine the frustration. So, let’s make sure your readers are not only taking a bite of your blog posts, they’re consuming the whole thing and can’t stop thinking about how good it was when they’re done. Here’s how to write a content article that will have them coming back for seconds.

Nimble Media’s Renown SEO Blogging Program was created by individuals who have spent years finely tuning the art of creating memorable content (see more at the end of this post). But if you’re just starting out, we’ve created a list of the top points to consider when creating content your readers won’t forget.

Tell a Story

Crafting your content into a relatable story will help facilitate a bond with your readers on an emotional level and assist the impact of making your content memorable – especially if it inspires action that positively affects the rest of their day. “Inspirational stories take a life on of their own, especially when you have a social web multiplying their effectiveness,” says blogger Jeff Bullas.

Write Great Headlines

In the context of selling books, they say it’s the title that sells the book, not the content inside. While we’ve repeated the old adage “don’t judge a book but its cover,” many times throughout our lives, it’s still a die-hard habit for a lot of people. Therefore, when it comes to your content, your headlines are like your cover. People will generally skim through the headlines before they make the decision if reading the whole post is worth their while. “For content marketers, a good headline can multiply exponentially the number of people who engage with the content.  Meeting marketing goals often starts with a click. In order to attract the click, the headline needs to be compelling and dripping with benefits to the reader,” says writer Deanna Lazzzaroni.

Make Them Feel Something

If you can’t make them cry, make them laugh. While that may sound like an exaggerated statement, evoking a strong emotion, whether it’s on one end of the spectrum or another, will surely get your readers to remember your post. There are a lot of emotional pieces of content and videos circulating the web at light speed as we speak because of the way they are making people feel. “If your content activates a high-arousal emotion, you’re set. The likelihood of people sharing and talking about your content will increase drastically,” says Derek Halpern.

Be Consistent

If your communication line with you audience is through you blog posts, then you’ll want to establish a consistency that people can learn to expect from you. The power of repetition is .a great tool for you to utilize in order to get your content remembered. “Each piece of content you create has the continual power to work for you, bringing new people into your communities and helping build your expert status,” says Dr. Rachna Jain, a writer for Site Pro News. Therefore, outputting a consistent, rich content will help leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Use Visuals

As we’ve discussed before, “incorporating visuals into your blog posts is the secret sauce when it comes to creating content that will drive traffic and boost engagement.” Implementing visuals in your content will help your message stand out, making it more memorable and easier for your readers to process.