5 Tips for Creating a Webinar to Attract New Customers 

Raven Brajdic, Content Writer @ Article-Writing.co
Posted On: August 10, 2018

Are you looking for a creative way to draw your audience in and convert casual website visitors into paying customers? Offering a webinar is a great way to demonstrate your value and expertise.

Webinars provide face-to-face time with your customers without needing to physically be there – a major value when it comes to furthering your reach. By providing a valuable product that helps improve your audience’s lives, you’ll be able to expand your marketing funnel and spread awareness about your product.


1. Choosing a Topic

This is probably the biggest question that many companies pose when considering what type of webinar to host. What are your customers wondering about? What problem are they happening that you can solve? Scroll through online forums like Reddit and read industry trades publications to figure out what topics are trending.

For example, a social media marketer could host a webinar on the secrets to a successful Facebook campaign or how to engage with Instagram followers. A web developer might find success hosting a webinar on best practices for building your first mobile app, or how to improve your user interface.

The more compelling and urgent your topic, the more likely you are to attract interested attendees who will see the value of your product.

2. Spreading the Word

Take advantage of your communication channels to spread the word about your upcoming webinar and secure registrations. This should include posting on social media, including details in weekly newsletters as well as a dedicated email. Include details on your landing page with an eye-catching web banner or pop-up window.

After all, everyone is busy and the unpredictable can occur throughout the week. This reduces the likelihood of no-shows, and keeps your webinar top-of-mind for attendees.

3. Keep Attendees Engaged

In the days leading up to your webinar, build excitement with your registered audience through regular communications. While you don’t want to bombard attendees, stay in touch by sending out an email every other day.

Don’t forget to send one again the morning of the event, another five hours before it takes place and a final one when it’s about to begin.

4. Introduce Yourself

While your audience isn’t there to learn all about your backstory, they still want to know who you are! Provide a short and sweet introduction, keeping it authentic and relevant to the topic on hand. For example, provide background on your expertise about the subject you’re about to discuss. This will help establish your credibility and put a face to the brand.

5. Don’t Hold Back

A common concern that many have when it comes to giving webinars is that they’ll give away their best information, and attendees will have no reason to buy their product or service. However, you should be using this webinar as a way to demonstrate your expertise while making your attendees’ lives easier.

Essentially, make them glad to have joined your session and give them a reason to sing your praises to others. This will guarantee you both repeat customers and new customers based on word-of-mouth.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful webinar that results in increased sales and customer conversions. This will help spread awareness about your brand and widen the marketing funnel.

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