How to Write a Blog Article to Maximize SEO Impact

Optimizing your blog articles for more traffic and leads requires thoughtfulness, planning, and knowledge of SEO best practices. When we take on high-value projects with our customers, at 25 cents to 50 cents / word, we take the time to craft our work against these...

20 Blog Post Ideas That Will Boost Sales

Your blog should be geared towards your bottom line. The content marketing exercise should be completely built to generate reads and turn those reads into leads. Consider this article as an example, we sell Article Writing as a service. As a psychological win, we've...

Seven Reasons To Prioritize Your Company Blog in 2017

Research by Hubspot suggests 60 per cent of marketers are prioritizing blog content in 2017. If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of a blog, or, considering hiring an article writing service to provide your content, don’t delay any longer. Can A Blog...

5 Tips for Creating Excellent Content

Creating content is one of the most important things you will do throughout your career as a small, web-based business owner or marketer. One of the most obvious uses for content is, of course, the marketing campaign.

The 3 Key Areas of Your Website You Aren’t Focusing On Enough

Your website is your first chance at a first impression. Maybe a potential client or customer first sees you on social media, which leads them to visit your site (congrats, you got a lead out of your social efforts!), but that’s the interaction that really matters. How your website looks, the content it holds and your overall image presented through your site and layout are immediately absorbed by your potential customer.

How to Boost Brand Identity with Unique Blog Content

It’s vital for your brand identity to be conveyed via all mediums you associate with your business. This ranges from social media to email copy, your telephone voicemail message to your blog content. Your business’ unique personality is how you can differentiate it from your competition – and this is extremely important.

30 SEO Influencers to Follow NOW

One of the most important methods of learning about SEO trends and updates is by paying attention to industry insiders and influencers. While they may not be calling the shots at Google and literally changing how SEO works, these 30 SEO influencers are your best source for up to date information, strategies and tips about all things SEO.

Using Blog Content to Attract New Business

There’s a formula to acquiring new business via blog content. Is it doable? Yes. Is it easy? It’s simpler than most methods of advertising and lead generation, to say the least. Is it something that works automatically? No.

How to Craft Epic Headlines Your Customers Will Not Miss

What is your number one goal in marketing? If you’re smart, it should be making sure that what people see from you is the only thing they see – your content should be what they head for over any other competition’s content. But how do you and your article writer make this happen?

Why Unique Content is Your Ticket to Site Success

Unique articles give your blog a different kind of edge. Unique articles can be equally search engine optimized, but they add a personal flavor. Generic and licensed content may not have the actual site and purpose of a company in mind like unique content does, and this extra punch of personality is what can give your website the success you’re looking for.

4 Tips for Making Your Landing Page Eye-Catching

You do a lot for your website’s success. You buy articles, make sure it’s SEO friendly, post it around on social media to attract traffic. Trust us; we know you go to lengths in order to make your site, and ultimately your business, as great as it can be. But this falls apart if your landing page isn’t spectacular.

Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site ASAP

With new eras come changes. In every area of life, the digital age is rearing its head, and there are definitely adjustments you need to make when it comes to your business moving forward into the future.

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